Wireless Systems

Technologies & Platforms 

Think Different

Development Platforms

  • Embedded C
  • Assembly Language programming
  • Arduino
  • LORA based sensor nodes and IoT Gateway desgins
  • LCD, WiFi, RTC , Matrix and capactive sensing
  • Internet of Things with LoRaWAN, LoRa and LPWAN

Firmware Developement Skill Set

  • Custom based solutions for remote systems development
  • Bluetooth Low Energy based sensors.
  • RTLS designs
  • WiFi absed sensors
  • IoT products Designs
  • GPS,¬† GPRS based trackng and monitoring
  • GPS, GPRS based application development
  • Socket programming
  • Wireless application development
  • Debugging
  • Quality Assurance
  • C, C++,
  • Python

Hardware Development Skill Set

  • Schematics and Gerber files generation
  • Signals interference solutions
  • RS232 communication interfaces
  • RFID based solutions.
  • WiFi modules and BLE modules.
  • IoT based sensors
  • Application integrations.